South African artist Aviva Maree portfolio website of her acrylic and oil paintings.
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Working and living in the beautiful Garden Route,

Aviva Maree is well known for her oil paintings of South African rural life.

Aviva Maree is well known for her oil paintings of South African rural life.

My journey as an artist is interconnected with the places where I’ve lived, with nature and with people, specifically women, living close to the earth.
The subject matter of my art, although representational of reality, is imaginary. It speaks of childhood memories, of seasons in my life and of everyday activities with the eternal values of grace, hope and worthiness.


Various emotive symbols are applied, such as fishing nets, flowers, fruit and headwraps.
A close-up look at my technique will show a love of mark making and expressive use of the brush. I take pride in the use and mixing of colour, an ability naturally flowing from my admiration of Vincent van Gogh.


I create compositions that capture the attention of the viewer, inviting them into the scene, making them experience familiar emotions and memories.


My work is constantly evolving, as I am living life.